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Personalised Bridesmaid Boxes

Build a unique box of personalised gift items for your bridesmaids today, to show them your love and appreciation! Why stop there? Our products can be personalised for the rest of the bridal crew, too. Be it bridesmaid, maid of honour, flower girl or anybody else, we've got the perfect gifts to surprise each and every one of them.

Here are the top personalised products to bring your gift box to life:

Flutes These flutes can be used for all the celebrations that lie ahead. They're lightweight and versatile, and a perfect memento for hen parties!
Bridal Robes

A customer favourite - you can see why!

These beautiful robes are a popular gift choice for bridal parties, as they elevate the morning of the special day and the photographs that capture it...

Bridal Hangers Give your dresses the hangers they deserve to show them off in style. Another memento for each member of your bridal crew to cherish.
Eye Masks If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that a good night's sleep is essential before the big day! How better to provide your loved ones a good night's rest than with their very own personalised eye mask?
Gift Bags If you're looking to really stretch the boat, then these gift bags are the one! They're perfect to deliver your gifts in style, and for the bridal party to use for future bridal celebrations. 

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