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My Story

My name is Ffion (but my friends call me Ffi!) and I'm the youngest of 6 children; raised in a low-income, single-parent household, in mountainous mid-Wales.

Since the early years of my childhood, I had wanted to become a doctor when I grew up, to escape my financial stresses and reach the high expectations I had weighing on my shoulders. In addition, I have epilepsy and have experienced Tonic-Clonic seizures since the age of 15. This enthused me to learn more about the human brain and try to understand how I can minimise the effects of my condition, so I could live a full and happy life.

I became estranged from my parent when I turned 18, after a rocky few years at home, and swiftly moved in with my partner (of whom I'd been dating for just a couple of months!). I'm pleased to share that we've been living happily together ever since ☺️

I went on to study Chemistry in Cardiff University for 3 years, and formed some incredible friendships. The pandemic hit halfway through my first year and so, to support myself financially in this time, I started an online side-hustle... eventually becoming Little Perfections!

I was taken by surprise when the orders came flooding in and I was finally earning a living doing something I enjoyed, forcing me to reconsider my carefully planned out future and dive into the unknown...

Under a year later, I had lost all passion for a career in medicine and set my sights on continuing my growth into a successful entrepreneur in this creative space. I graduated as a Bachelor of Chemistry with a 2:1 Hons in July of 2022, and began running Little Perfections full-time as soon as I could.

Fast-forward to now, I've evolved my creativity and entrepreneurial skillset to specialise in Wedding Stationery & Signage, elevating weddings for couples across the UK and around the globe, with our unique and sophisticated designs. Taking the risk of following my passion has been one of the best decisions I've ever made and I'm endlessly grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way.

An Inclusive bridal brand

Our Mission

The mission of Little Perfections is to create a globally recognised bridal brand that offers sophisticated, unique, and meaningful bridal products, suitable for every budget!

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