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The Next Chapter of Little Perfections..

The Next Chapter of Little Perfections..

Welcome to the first blog post since the website has been live! I'm really excited to share with you some of the latest developments of Little Perfections.

After a challenging year of balancing a full-time degree, part-time job and running a small business, I finally graduated from Cardiff University on the 20th of July, with an upper second class honours in Chemistry. Then, at the end of August, finished my part-time job, working as a data administrator for a social enterprise in the primary care sector. These end of eras have enabled me to pursue Little Perfections as a full-time career and place my time and energy into accelerating its growth, from a physical and digital perspective. 


New Products

Since the beginning of September 2022, over 10 new product lines have been introduced to our online store, with plans for over 10 more by early October, in preparation for the festive period! Some of the new product lines introduced include personalised glassware - a line which has been in high demand since introducing the personalised plastic flutes on Etsy, back in April 2022.

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Within a week of launching the glassware range, an order was placed for the personalised glass flutes, giving me the confidence I needed to know that delving into this opportunity of unknown value had good potential. At such early stages of a business, and being a novelty to the great big world of entrepreneurship, it's a daunting process to invest your limited funds (which have now become your sole income) into new opportunities, which may, or may not, bring a return. Despite this, I recognise that great rewards require great risks. Failures and mistakes on this journey are inevitable, but will also invaluable learning curves, to building the thriving empire I've envisaged throughout my childhood.

One of my favourite new products has to be the personalised mason jars - they have such a retro feel to them and make perfect additions to various styles of celebration (or even just to brighten up a home bar!). Each one comes with a screw cap and straw of matching colour, with name personalisation available from a choice of 14 colours. Although offering this vast array of colour choices can make fulfilment of orders more time-consuming, we want to ensure that customers feel they're getting true value for money and can adapt the items to match colour themes of their events, decor or simple personal preference


Our Niche

What sets us apart from other businesses in this market is our personal customer service: At present, I run Little Perfections single-handedly, which means I'm involved in every part of each order, from its production to delivery and communication with the buyer. I do my very best to ensure that every customer's experience, buying from Little Perfections, is an excellent one. Each customer is supplied with an email address (my business one - not the typical generic, unresponsive kind) and phone number, so they can get in touch in the most convenient way possible for them. 

At present, we're focused on four types of occasion; Wedding, Birthday, Christmas and Baby Shower. All of the products on our website can be personalised to suit any of these occasions, but those listed in the individual collection have some special touches to make them the perfect fit. I'd like to emphasise that, although there are set products on our website with countless variations to suit customer needs, this is a personal business therefore, if anyone has a different idea or product in mind, I'd love to hear them and let you know if this is something I can fulfil. To get in touch, simply fill out the contact form on the website and submit. The messages from the contact form land in my mailbox, so I'll reply as quickly as I can! 


Future Developments

In future, I'm hoping to predominantly expand the Wedding Collection, to become the best wedding and bachelor/bachelorette party decor and accessory supplier in the UK. The latest additions to this collection include personalised bridal tote bags and personalised wedding hangers. By the end of September 2022, the following will become available: personalised bridal robes and personalised eye masks, alongside the existing personalised plastic flutes and personalised glass flutes, which have been incredibly popular! 

The next chapter of my life will revolve heavily around Little Perfections and ensuring its success. I would be incredibly grateful to everyone who gets involved on our social media pages! These include; Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest, under the username @littleperfectionsUK

I'd like to give a huge thanks to all those who have supported Little Perfections thus far and look forward to welcoming more people onto our journey. 


personalised mason jar - customer photo - Ffion Davies - little perfections owner - small business uk - upcoming small business UK 

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