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Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2023

Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2023

Are you curious as to what the latest wedding trends of 2023 might be? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 wedding trends of recent years that are hot right now and are promising to gain more traction in years to come. Take a quick look through for some wedding inspo and jump on these trends, making statements on your special day!


1. Outdoor and destination weddings

Many couples opt for outdoor venues such as gardens, beaches, or vineyards. Destination weddings in exotic locations are also becoming increasingly popular. With the beautiful surroundings and astounding venues offered by Eastern European countries such as Greece and Italy, it’s no surprise that couples are searching for their fairytale weddings abroad, escaping the all-too unpredictable British weather. 


2. Sustainable and eco-friendly weddings 

Couples are incorporating eco-friendly practices into their weddings, such as using recycled materials, choosing locally sourced food and flowers, and reducing waste. This is fantastic news for local wedding vendors and the environment! Brides and grooms are now more than ever, creating their own bespoke, DIY decor using sustainable materials, using reclaimed dresses and suits, and resorting to digital invites to minimise waste and costs!

handmade wedding decor

3. Intimate and personalised celebrations

Smaller, more intimate weddings have been a trend in recent years, allowing couples to focus on creating a meaningful experience for their guests. Personalised touches, such as handwritten vows or customised favours, are also popular. These findings come as no surprise, given that small gatherings of 10 people or under were mandatory during th peak of the pandemic, in 2020. Despite the restrictions being a thing of the past, countless couple now prefer the intimate style weddings, as they can focus their attention on their nearest and dearest, whilst also saving money - a bonus for the honeymoon!

personalised wedding favours

4. Bold and vibrant colour palettes

Summer weddings often feature bright and bold colour schemes, with couples opting for vibrant hues like coral, turquoise, or sunny yellow. However, bright tones of pinks, purples, oranges and greens are now flooding weddings of all four seasons, through beautiful floral arrangements and breathtaking attire. A recent study in the UK shows that bright, colourful flowers tend to improve our mood, so perhaps opting for a vibrant bouquet is wise to keeping your loved ones smiling all day and night long!

bright floral arrangement

5. Non-traditional wedding attire

Brides and grooms are increasingly choosing non-traditional wedding attire, such as jumpsuits, coloured dresses, or mix-and-match separates. Grooms may opt for more casual attire like linen suits or even shorts. Not only is this a fantastic way to better represent you as individuals, but also extremely cost-effective and not to mention, incredibly comfortable! Who wouldn’t want to swap cramped heels for heavenly soft slippers?!

6. Interactive food and drink experiences

Couples are incorporating interactive food and drink stations, such as DIY cocktail bars, food trucks, or live cooking stations, to create a memorable experience for their guests. This is a great way to keep your guests not here toes and give everyone something unusual to remember and relive the day for years to come! I certainly wouldn’t forget a wedding where I seared some scallops and made a martini on the side!

interactive wedding cooking class

7. Technology integration

With the rise of social media and technology, couples are finding creative ways to incorporate it into their weddings. This may include live streaming the ceremony for remote guests, creating personalised wedding hashtags, or using virtual reality for interactive experiences. Not only is this a great way to involve loved ones who might not be able to attend, but to also embrace the changes that are inevitably going to take place. As we’re frequently being reminded these days, technology is making huge advancements, specifically AI, so we believe that it’s crucial to embark on this movement with optimism and use it to our advantage - especially in the wedding scene!

virtual wedding celebrations

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